I'm really proud of what we created together, not just from a creative point of view, but also concerning the fact that we worked with the simplest means: drums and first guitar were recorded in our rehearsal room; the rest followed in Frank's home studio, where I had a wonderful and hilarious time recording the lead and backing vocals - many thanks to the frog, Frank's mom for boiling water and pleasant kitchen conversations and a certain company for manufacturing delicious, indispensable sesame brittle! With the release of Last but not least, a chapter ends for me, and I'm curious to find out what vocal-related options I might stumble upon here on the other side of the ocean.

Greetings and a big, fat THANK YOU to Frank and Mycha: Was an awesome time with you, gave me a lot. (One or two nervous breakdowns, for example no, it was always a lot of fun Really!) Looking forward to the next impro-session!!

Take care, everybody, and ahoy!

- Petra (End of December, '09)